Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Beasts of England"

SailorPluto247, Deer fights back against a hunter! Go deer!, 2007, 54 seconds.

Holy War, 1992, acrylic and markers on paper,
from the book Crying Over Spilled Milk, 1992-1997.
Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tidings
Of the golden future time.

Soon or late the day is coming,
Tyrant Man shall be o'erthrown,
And the fruitful fields of England
Shall be trod by beasts alone.

Rings will vanish from our noses,
And the harness from our back,
Bit and spur shall rust forever,
And cruel whips no more shall crack.

Riches more than mind can picture,
Wheat and barley, oats and hay,
Clover, beans, and mangel-wurzels
Shall be ours upon that day.

Bright will shine the fields of England,
Purer shall its waters be,
Sweeter yet shall blow its breezes
On the day that sets us free.

For that day we all must labour,
Though we die before it break;
Cows and horses, geese and turkeys,
All must toil for freedom's sake.

Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tidings
Of the golden future time.

George Orwell, Animal Farm

The Case for "Vermin" (Torture)

T2024, The Dead of the Rat, 2007, 8 seconds.

Anyone can go to their local hardware or a general store and buy a "clever" device to torture and to kill an animal called "vermin" who in her ability to feel pain and to suffer is no different than their dog, cat or their child, whose only fault is that she or he reproduces successfully and needs food, water and warmth.

Glue Traps are worse than poison. Not only do they kill indiscriminately, but they suffocate, blind, rip off body parts of the animals as they try to free themselves from the glue, which is impossible for them to do. It's like being stuck in the quick sand. The more you struggle, the more you get embedded into the glue. Try sticking one of them to your own face, mouth and your eyes.

Residential killing, torturing and then killing, catching in non lethal traps and then misplacing, which humans do in their homes, is only the tip of the iceberg. There are billions more of these animal persons being killed and tortured by poison, suffocation, starvation and dehydration, in glue traps and other industrial devices, in the cities and plantations, in public and private commercial buildings where food is produced, stored and handled, in parks, schools, churches, hotels and restaurants. This is done by paid to torture your friendly professional exterminators every second of every day everywhere.

At the same time, the reaction to this mass torture from the public and even from the majority of "animal rights crowd" is one of indifference, laziness and complacency. Killing is inexcusable but torture is evil. If cats and dogs were tortured in this way on this scale there would be an uprising. When seals are getting clubbed to death, great apes being experimented on, or puppies abandoned on the streets, there is a public outcry and rightfully so, but where is the outrage when mice and rats are being poisoned and tortured slowly to death every day and every hour, five feet from your cushy office chairs or around the corner in the kitchen of a restaurant as you are feasting on the body parts of chickens or cows, enslaved and then killed for your appetites?


A 1983 test that evaluated the effectiveness of glue traps found that trapped mice struggling to free themselves would pull out their own hair, exposing bare, raw areas of skin. The mice broke or even bit off their own legs, and the glue caused their eyes to become badly irritated and scarred. After three to five hours in the glue traps, the mice defecated and urinated heavily because of their severe stress and fear, and quickly became covered with their own excrement. Animals whose faces become stuck in the glue slowly suffocate, and all trapped animals are subject to starvation and dehydration. It takes anywhere from three to five days for the mouse to finally die. This is nothing less than torture.

It is important to remember that though small and removed from our day-to-day world, mice and other small animals are mammals, with nervous systems and perceptions of pain that are similar to humans. There is no evidence that mice suffer any less than we do. Link

If you find a mouse caught in a glue trap, you can save his or her life. Simply put some cooking vegetable oil such as sesame oil onto the places where the mouse is stuck and gently work it into the glue with a Q-tip. Pour some more oil all over the glue board and around the mouse and let the animal work her or his way out of the glue into a dark and safe place such as a mailing tube with the opposite end closed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Bird-brain" Chinese Scientists Learn to Fly Pigeons

Birds Falling, 1992, acrylic, correction fluid and markers on paper, from the book Crying Over Spilled Milk, 1992-1997.

Bird-brained Chinese scientists learn to fly pigeons

BEIJING (Reuters) - Scientists in eastern China say they have succeeded in controlling the flight of pigeons with micro electrodes planted in their brains, state media reported on Tuesday.
"The implants stimulate different areas of the pigeon's brain according to signals sent by the scientists via computer, and force the bird to comply with their commands," Xinhua said.
Su and his colleagues, who Xinhua said had had similar success with mice in 2005, were improving the devices used in the experiment and hoped that the technology could be put into practical use in future.

The report did not specify what practical uses the scientists saw for the remote-controlled pigeons.

Nonhuman animals, pigeons in particular, have been exploited and murdered forever by humans for their heinous war games. It does not take much to figure out what these Chinese torturers are up to.

I THINK IT'S TIME that Su and his colleagues with all the other animal abusers in their white coats, Chinese, American, French and Russian alike, start implanting electrodes in their own brains to control their own sick nazi behavior for the benefit of humanity, pigeons, mice and all other sentient beings and for the sake of decency, justice and respect for the life of nonhuman persons.

The problem is the human species itself, which but for rare exceptions is violent, destructive, and imperialistic. Universally, humans have vested interests in exploiting animals and think they have a God-given right to do so. To change these attitudes is to change the very nerve center of human consciousness. That is our task – no more and no less. Read more...

Dr. Steven Best
Chair, Department of Philosophy
University of Texas
El Paso, Texas, USA
ketchupsexx Trailer for Behind The Mask, 2006, 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dreams Slowly Coming Through

Hole, 1989, still from a color video, 11 minutes.

Animal party bans mouse poison in parliament

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch Party for Animals, which entered parliament for the first time last November, has forbidden the laying of poison to deal with a mouse infestation in its offices, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The party, which campaigns for animal rights and compassionate farming, will only allow humane traps in the parliament wing where its offices are housed, allowing trapped mice to be released unharmed, the daily De Telegraaf reported. ~ Read more...

When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. ~ Ingrid Newkirk

Like human equality, animal equality doesn't mean equal abilities. It means that all animals have an equal right to moral consideration and legal protection. And by "all animals" I mean all sentient beings, every creature who can feel. It's reasonable and right to treat any creature with a nervous system as sentient. Reasonable because of the shared ancestry and physiological similarities of all nervous systems. Reasonable because creatures with a nervous system act as if they feel. Right because we should give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to moral consideration. Because all beings who can feel need protection, all beings who can feel are entitled to rights. The sole criterion for rights should be sentience. ~ Animal Equality (Joan Dunayer Speech at 2002 Austrian AR Conf)

DreamingRecovery (aka. Dreamer of Animal Rights), Parliamentary Party for Animal Rights!, 2006, 2 minutes.

This is the first time ever in which a party with an agenda focused primarily on animal rights has been elected into a representative body of the people. This is great news for the Animals Rights Activits and Animals around the world!

The Party for the Animals is a Dutch political party that aims to improve the position of animals in our society. The party was founded to promote an awareness of the way in which humans treat animals and to emphasise that this needs to change – in the interest of not only the animals themselves, but also humans and the environment in which we all live.

The Party for the Animals’ platform is built around the belief that both animals and humans are living creatures with emotions and a conscience and therefore, animals have the right to be treated with respect by humans. This means that regardless of whether they are in the wild or are kept in farms or homes, animals should be able to live according to their own nature and not have their well-being affected by humans without reasonable or necessary reason. The party believes the extent to which a human society is ‘civilised’ can be measured by the way in which its members treat other living creatures and the natural environment in general.

ALFJAG, Animal Liberation Front Give Mice and Rats Freedom, 2006, 4 minutes.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dreamer: I don't believe anyone can truely 'own' a piece of earth

Spiral and Four Birds, 1996, pen and acrylic on paper, from the book Crying Over Spilled Milk, 1992-1997.

At Animal Rights Community Online Dreamer wrote:

A rat has been in my house for over half a year. Sometimes I hear him scratching things. I've seen him many times infront of the fridge. What a cutie! Little paws sticking up, and he's sniffing and looking around.

I figure the house is just as much his as it is mine, since I don't believe anyone can truely 'own' a piece of earth. I believe we share it. Some people might say that's quite a radical way to think, but I think of it this way:

The house that I am in is made partly of wood. The wood came from trees in the forest that were cut down. Many inhabitants of the tree died so this house would be built, so if a creature decides they wanna come sleep over, they are welcome.

Besides, it's cold outside, and I think he prefers to stay in the warmth.

African Americans dreamed of freedom. Woman, of rights. Workers, for an 8 hour day. Children didn't wanna be hit. Gays and lesbians, wanted equal respect. If we think back 100 years ago and compare that to where we are now, we can see that the world has in many ways become more compassionate, understanding, and rational. It's only a matter of time before animals will have equal rights too.

Question Authority - Investigate - EXPOSE!

DreamingRecovery (aka. Dreamer of Animal Rights), Animal Rights Activists: There IS Hope, 2007, 3 minutes.

Dreams and Horror - Work in Progress

ALF, Animal Rights Activists Rescue Factory Farm Chickens, 2005, 10 minutes 39 seconds.

Bird Tombstone, 1992, markers, correction fluid and acrylic on paper, from the book Crying Over Spilled Milk, 1992-1997.

Imagine living your life in a small, filthy cage constantly in pain, unable to stand or lie down comfortably. After months of agony, your torture finally ends, but not at the slaughterhouse. Instead, two gentle hands reach down to lift you out of the darkness, and bring you to a safe, loving place. For the first time in your life you can stretch your wings and legs and feel soft straw and cool grass beneath your feet. ~ Dr. Karen Davis

Just as racists see individual humans as embodiments of a particular race, speciesists see individual nonhumans as mere species representatives. Speciesism's hallmark trait is denial of nonhuman individuality. In reality, no animal is replaceable. Both physically and mentally, every sentient being is unique. Every lobster, every crow, every housefly is an individual who has a unique life experience and never will exist again. But that's not how abusers see it. For example, the flesh industry. In the flesh industry's view -- and that of flesh-eaters -- chickens, fishes, and other nonhumans can be killed by the billions each year provided that others of their species remain available for future killing. ~ Animal Equality (Joan Dunayer Speech at 2002 Austrian AR Conf)

While despising nonhumans as mindless, members of 'the rational species' riot over the outcomes of soccer games; smoke, eat, and drink themselves to death; poison the air, water, and soil on which they rely... ~ Joan Dunayer, Animal Equality 2001